Monday, August 13

Architectural Androgyne

As it's been a while I haven't created a fashion post. I thought to treat you my loves and decided to collaborate with Txn.Visuals . I picked this outfit with the thoughts of androgynous with these roughed high-waist trousers. 

They are the perfect fit for my size and waist. As an hourglass body shape, I struggle most of the time to find woven high-waist trousers that fit me well. These trousers, with the help of a waistband tie, sinch's my waist in perfectly and I couldn't be happier with the bow tie detail after tieing the waistband. 

Also, as I had to bring in my love of architecture in with this one shoulder Berksha top. Visualising the shapes and geometric of how light bounces of from one reflective building to the other, this top remarkably encompasses my vision with it's cut out shoulder leaving one arm bare. 

Continuing the roughed pleated detail onto the neck and sleeve detail. Accessories were kept demure as this is such an empowering outfit, but the architectural flow had to continue with these vintage beaded gold tassel drop earrings, Mk watch and Reiss pointy-toe high heels. 

One shoulder top CLICKHERE | Bow Tie high-wait Trouser CLICKHERE | Pointy Toe Heels CLICK HERE | 

⧬   TIP 

If you plan on recreating this outfit

1. Skinny fit ankle trouser is great for mimicking long legs
2. Take a choice of pointy toe to open toe shoes, whether flats or heels, to help elongate the legs 
3. Tops options, best to wear body fit knit top, crop top or a bodysuit 


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