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Mindfulness To A Positive Life

Starting your day right is very important for developing a positive mind. Waking up during the early hours of the morning between 4-6am is proven to be one of the best ways of building a positive mind and attitude towards life. Even to those that have formed a strong relationship with the snooze button, including myself. 

Until recently I decided to change this habit. I've been listening to a lot of podcast and self-affirmation audios that have changed my mindset and tweaked how my brain thinks. Something I will go further into later... People like Richard Branson and Tony Robbins have given me so much motivation and inspiration. 

They've taught me to not see things for what they are but what they could be. You may not be familiar with Tony Robbins, but trust me, I listen to this man every day! He is an American philanthropist and life coach and more. He has touched, changed and inspired a lot of people including self-made millionaires such as Richard Branson. 

They both share a morning ritual that includes waking up around early hours of 4/5am. You're probably wondering why? well each and every one of us has 24hours in a day, most of us choose to wake up at 11am to start our day. But by this time we have already used up most of our day. 

The reason behind waking up early is to be productive when everyone else is asleep. At early hours we tend to find our brain is at its high level of productivity, so waking up at this time can get you doing things like; answering emails, planning your day, working out and drinking your morning coffee- before the day even starts. 

My morning practices have involved waking up at 6:30am and straight away meditating for 30mins, with meditating music playing quietly in the background. I'm a calm person so working out in the morning is not my thing, instead, I like to calm myself whilst reflecting on things I'm grateful for in my life. 

After, I like to take a cold shower to wake me up before putting one of Tony Robbin's podcast, that I find on Youtube. You can listen to about anything you want to improve on yourself and life, I like to take it like a bag of skittles and just select any.

 Any of his podcasts will motivate, inspire and most importantly it will help you change your mindset. Positive affirmations are a great way of keeping your mind thinking and feeling positive. 

Starting your day with positivity will lead to a productive day and a better you, which will help you attract positive people who share the same goals as you. 

Whilst listening to a podcast, I continue my morning by getting dressed and putting on my makeup which will normally take me about 30minutes. Thereafter, I have a coffee and a toast before setting off to work.

I drive to work, so in my car, I put on my favourite music playlist and sing my way to work (I'm not the only one that does this, I hope?). This positive state gets ready to tackle work and enables me to be ready for anything life wants to throw at me. 

What is your morning ritual and how do you like to start your day? Share below in the comments 

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