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As a skinny girl with a fast metabolism, as friends with fuller-figures may think this is a blessing, 100% of the time it doesn't' feel that way. After many years attempting to put on the pounds, tirelessly changing my dieting and exercise, even tried supplements to boost my appetite, this has never quite worked for me. 

Before I nearly gave up, I decided to seek some help. So if your someone like me facing this predicament, look no further! if you are really struggling to gain the weight, consider consultation with your doctor or GP to rule out any underlying medical issues. 

To understand your body weight and to really figure out whether you are unhealthy or just slender, it's important to understand the science of your body. An Ectomorph is what I'd consider myself to be if I was to categorise myself, which means I have a lean and delicate build of body. 

The next thing is to understand your Body Mass Index (BMI). Your BMI will assist you in underlying whether you're underweight or overweight/ healthy or unhealthy. A BMI of 19.8 is considered healthy, which were my results after calculating mine. Anything below 18.5 indicates an underweight status. Healthy ranges between 18.5 - 24.9. 

How to calculate BMI

BMI = weight / (height in inches x height in inches) x 703

My results: 

BMI= 123 (66 x 66) x 703= 19.85

For a person who has genetically had a fast metabolism past down my family, it's been excruciatingly difficult to put on any slight of weight until recently when I tweaked my dieting that changed everything. 

Having a realistic weight gain plan targeted to your body type is really important if you want to see results. 


The focus is to add 250-500 calories a day into your daily diet. Eating more than you burn is key to gaining weight over time. To be more methodical to this approach, you can count your calorie intake on everything you by going on, which is a website where you can simply count calories on the foods you eat. 

Or you can create a meal plan that infuses high-calorie dense foods, focusing on healthy high in calorie foods such as peanut butter or avocado as snacks. Of course creating a simple mash-up of crackers, peanut butter and avocado, I can already envision the taste buds of this snack rushing down my tongue. 

This is a way I get excited and increase my appetite for food even when I don't feel like eating. Because mostly, as a fast metabolism individual eating food is normally not the thing you think about, well I either speak for myself or many others out there. 

Any normal person would think the solution to gaining weight fast, of course, would be to eat more junk food. Junk foods are a faster way to put on weight but are unhealthy, high in sugar and fats, that aren't easily digestible and have little to no nutrients. 

Plus, most of the time they would leave you feeling sluggish and out of energy. How do I know this? because I've been down this route myself. Cutting corners is definitely not the way to a healthy weight gain. 

In the long run, you want to maintain your body and keep it working for you and not vice-versa. So ditch your coca-cola and swap for fruit juices such as pineapple or mango juice. Fruits such as mango, banana and pineapple are a good example of healthier high-calorie fruits. 

To help you create your very own meal plan and stick with it, I have listed bellow foods that are healthy for weight gain. Handpick your favourites and base your meal strictly on your taste for food. This will increase your appetite and make this a more pleasurable experience in the long run. 

PROTEIN FOODS = Meat, Poultry, Fish, Eggs and Soy
(This will help gain muscle and not just fat)

Very High-Calorie Protein = Ground beef, Dark meat, Poultry and Fatty fish (Salmon)

Vegetarian options= Beans (kidney beans), Lentils, Soy, nuts and seeds (mung beans)

FRUITS = Banana's, Pineapple, Mangoes, Avacado, Coconut, Grapefruit, Blueberries and dried dates

DAIRY = Cheese, Whole milk and Yoghurt

STARCH FOODS = Potatoes, Sweet potatoes, Corn, Peas, Dried beans and Legumes 

DRINKS = Milk and 100% fruit juice 

When cooking, instead of using oils such as sunflower oil, swap for healthier options such as olive oil or coconut oilTo better your understanding of the benefits and remedies of coconut oil as a healthy option to your diet visit Everdayroots

Learn how to use coconut oil not only for your health but skin, hair, pets and household. In order to embark on this new journey, you have to condition yourself and your surrounding to work with you and not against you, for better effective results. 

In terms of exercising, lift more weights and do less cardio. Starting yourself off in the gym can be difficult especially if you haven't been your entire life, but the importance of exercise is crucial to your diet.

 To begin, start with little sessions of 20-30 minutes a few days a week, making sure your resting between those days to relax your muscles. Building on this as you go. This will increase your appetite to eat more, stay motivated and change your well being. 

⧬   TIP 

- Reduce your beverages during meals, this will help you eat more / drink more when snaking
- Eat 3 large meals and have 3 snacks throughout the day
- Focus on building muscle and strength by using weights and exercise bands 



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