Thursday, February 16

Winter White & Nude Hues

Knowingly known for wearing all black like there's no other colour that ever exists, as exciting as it is my wardrobe this winter has been obsessively filled with whites and nudes. Neutral tones ranging from off- whites, beige, camel and nudes these tones combined not only has it elevated my outfits but also my mood. 

Winter is such a strenuous season, at times it can leave you quite down and depressed, wishing it was summer already! A Camel coat is a complete staple, this All Saints cocooned shaped has been one of my favourites this winter. 

With minimal styling, it elevates any outfit from simple to chic. Adding different colours and textures of neutral is a great way to balance one this kind of outfit, wearing one tone can create a very flat and dull look. 

Additionally, I also pulled out this leopard crossbody bag with gold detailing to count to even more texture and print to this look. 


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