Friday, September 16


Giving my life as an intern an end, it's been such a busy and stressful few months to juggle up. Having no time to self for quite a while and as a top up to my 21'st birthday, I booked this amazing spa day treat.

Being my first time using Wowcher I was extremely amazed at the deals it offered from, travel, restaurants to spa days like these and more. I managed to get a spa day for two for only £59 at M BY Montcalm Shoreditch London. unbelievingly as mind-blowing as it, no strings attached, it was hard to believe!

 At the spa, we were welcomed with white robes and towels to help accommodate ourselves whilst in our swimsuits. Following a relaxing 30 minute facial, allowing you to relax and indulge in the aroma scent whilst the masseuse rubs different types of oils and creams to your face.

Giving you a nice soft skin glow and also therapeutically puts you at one in mind. The therapy was well deserved! At times in life, nothing ever goes the right way and just a little TLC and time to yourself is always the answer. Not excluding surrounding yourself with great company.

The place speaks for itself, having great company we explored this whole pool to ourselves together with having the luxuries of the sauna, steam and chill room. 

Not adding the beverages catered for us as we enjoyed this amazing experience. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone out there looking to have a bit of TLC, check out the Wowcher website for amazing deals. You can never go wrong with taking a little time off to yourself!


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