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I've decided to dedicate this blog post, to let you guys in a little bit and be personal about my life. As you would’ve probably guessed by now, I am a Fashion Design student, studying in Birmingham (UK). 

Taking upon this course has bought up a lot of questions and controversy to some people who think that I won't land a job at the end. As it is my passion, I strive my hardest to be on top due to its competitiveness. 

Not to upset the non-believers, I have accomplished a lot within this industry and now I'm currently back and forth interning alongside working with Reiss in London, together with many experiences that have come due to studying this subject. 
Rimmel has been one of my all-time favourite makeup brands since discovering makeup. So it’s my go-to brand in the summer especially with foundation, which is what I’m wearing. 

It’s the perfect foundation for my complexion and for the weather. It’s a very light dewy foundation that leaves the skin looking nice and dewy and lasts throughout the day. 

Whereas, in the winter I switch it up and wear Mac Studio fix NW45 as it gives a lot more coverage and great throughout the cold winter days. 

But I love smoking out my eyeshades just because I’m obsessed with the cat-eye look. So I do this using my contour pallet that literary takes me a minute, keeping it looking subtle and not too heavy. 

Finishing the look I mostly settle for any nude lipstick I find lying around, a colour that’s very versatile, plus, it's also very appropriate for every setting.

Still having 1 more year left of education (cry!!!!) I cannot wait to see what the world has in store for me. One thing I’d say to people going into this industry is nothing happens when you don’t put in the work! Like anything in life, It takes hard work, determination, dedication, planning ahead and staying positive even when you feel like the world is unfolding on you.

  Finding a balance between life commitments and work can be a little hard. For those like me, who are very methodical in their life and can’t pass on anything, such as putting on makeup, even if it means waking up 3 hours before getting somewhere, here’s how I perfect my makeup with minimal effort. 

My makeup is definitely something I’ve tried to perfect throughout the years and I’ve seemingly always been drawn to a dewy and subtle natural makeup look. This look is something I wear on a daily basis, which is appropriate for work, hanging out with friends pushing it having a possible cocktail, for those Fridays :).

I’m never consistent with my makeup, especially when England has like 10 million seasons in one year. So I normally mix both drugstore and high-end products to suit each season, as I feel they give different results depending on the makeup brand. 

Foundation is something I switch back and forth from summer to winter. Around the summer period, I love wearing a very light foundation.

Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation in Deep Mocha | MAC Powder & Foundation NW45


Bare Minerals Tinted powder Spf 25 | L’oreal Infalliable Mattifying Primer | MAC NW40 Concealer

Revolution Highlighter

Sleek Contour Pallet in Medium & Cheek Blush in Dark pink (excuse the state of my contour and eye shadow i do use them quite vigorously)
With eye shadows and everything else, I like to keep it minimal using one colour pallet. So I normally go for the nudes and browns, colours that primarily match my skin complexion, so it’s easy to apply in the morning.

Miss Spotty Neutral Eye-shadow Pallet | HM Eye colour stick shadow | Rimmel London Volume Colourist Mascara | Rimmel London Eye Liner

Kiko Nude shade Lipstick | Kiko Lip liner 314 | NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

Leave a comment down below of something that you ought to do on a day-to-day basis, even when time is out of reach.


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