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Something different from my normal posts but together with travelling and trying out new things I love trying out different types of foods. 
So for having the privilege to get any chosen meal for lunch as part of my benefits working at REISS HQ, I decided to take the opportunity to do a cheeky Nandos post, because I love food of course!

 Normally I'd go for my all-time favourite Chicken Liver and Portuguese Roll meal £9.30, that comes with a two sides option, but with this, I wanted to go beyond my range and try out all sorts of foods Nando's offers. 

Coming from a Kenyan background, as weird as it may seem for some for this to be my favourite meal, this is actually sort of ideal in some Kenyan meals. Together with a Corn on the Cob, to which I LOVE with all my meals.

Chicken Liver £6.35 on its own

5 Chicken Wings with 2 sides option £8.60 plus Milk £1

Garlic bread + PERI-PERI Chips
Being Weird again with the milk but basically, the combination works pretty well for me. With the spice on the chicken, the milk neutralizes the meal, making it less spicy and edible in large amounts. 

Starter / Extra side : Houmous with PERI-PERI Drizzle £3.55
Just a little extra i got the Houmous as a reward for using my Nandos advantage card. This is one of my favourite starters to date, especially with the Peri- Peri drizzle, if you haven't tried this yet, you should totally try it!!!

 5 Chicken Wings with 2 sides option £8.60 plus Water
Chips + Corn on the Cob 
With this meal, I choose to take it with water. There's an option of having a bottomless drink, which is £2.60, this accounts you to having unlimited drink option for drinks such as Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite e.t.c. But with my dieting regimen, I normally don't drink Fizzy drinks due to the extracts used to create it. This should not be a statement to discourage any of you who drink fizzy drinks, this is just my preference. 

5 Chicken Wings with 2 sides option £8.60 plus Water
Macho Peas + Creamy Mash
This meal had to be my least favourite. Although i loved the Chicken wings (can never go wrong with chicken from Nandos) and the mash, The Peas were not so pleasing, i presume Nandos used some kind of flavouring on the peas that was just not the right combo, well for me. If you are one that loves this then don't let this discourage you, it is although such a great balance of getting in fibre into your diet.  

Organic Mint / Green Tea Tropical £2.25
Was feeling Un-well on this day, due to the weather being so cold, so i opted for a Mint tea. Presumably i normally go for Green tea, but on this day they so happen to have run out of it, so mint tea was therefore a second option. I choose to drink Green tea when i'm ill, as its a natural medicine thats treats everything from headaches to coughs, plus also protects you against any type of cancer out there. 

Chicken Breast Fillet 1 side meal £7.55,  Plus Mango Quencher £2.65
PERI-PERI Chips side
One of my least favourite, just because i'm not a big fan of burgers, because they a too flimsy. But without that reason this was a good meal. Very Simple and appetising.

Mango Quencher
My favourite drink to have at Nandos is this Mango Quencher. If you know me very well u'd know i'm a VERY big fan of mangos, so anything embedded with mango in it is ultimately my fav!

Favourite Sauces: 
Tomato Ketchup, Garlic PERI-PERI Sause + Medium Spiced PERI-PERI Sause

I hope this was helpful for your next trip down to Nandos, let me know of any future posts u'd like me to feature down bellow. Have a nice day!

-Thank you -


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